Strong in research, development and production.

KE Elektronik is a specialist in the fields of cable assembling, plastics technology, as well as construction and connection technology. Research and technology are key drivers of today´s life. They motivate us to create strong connections.


Development Competence

We have accumulated an extensive know-how in manufacturing engineering but also do we have experience and knowledge in product development. By using computer supported calculation and simulation programs critical points can be detected and design adaptations will be made at an early stage.

Plant and Device Construction

KE Elektronik has the possibilities to develop and build automation systems, from manual workstations to fully automatic robot cells. We are specialized in the construction of testing and measuring equipment, using camera applications and optical testing techniques. The aim is to optimise existing manufacturing processes and implement new technologies in the production plants.

Injection Moulding

KE Elektronik works with horizontal and vertical molding machines which have a clamping forces range from 400 to 2.000 kN. Depending on the product, a part removal is either carried out via the handling systems or via multi-axis controlled robot systems. We produce in locations all over the world using Arburg-Machines. We have a single uniform standard, a state of the art production, with monitoring of the relevant parameters.

Cable Assembling

At KE Elektronik, cable assembling take place with fully automated processing systems. Several process steps are carried out in one machine: From material feeding, cutting, insulating, sealing, crimping up to automated housing assembly and integration of a wire end processing. Each product is monitored and tested during the entire processing time, bad parts are automatically sorted out. Thereby KE Elektronik can meet the highest quality requirements.

Measurement and Testing Laboratory

For sampling, validation and analyzing KE Elektronik possesses a wide range of measuring and testing facilities.