Here you will find our general terms and conditions (GTCs) as well as documents on supplier management, electronic data interchange (EDI), sustainability and certificates for direct download.

General Terms and Conditions

Supplier Management

Fairness, stability and sustainability form the foundations of our business relationships. We use reliable and quality-conscious suppliers with an interest in a long-term partnership. In this way, we want to continue fulfilling the ever-increasing demands and expectations of our customers in the future.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

KE Elektronik relies on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to make communication with customers and suppliers more efficient and faster. We support various message standards, such as VDA and EDIFACT, as well as different communication protocols. All partners of KE, who also have EDI-capable systems, can contact us at any time for a setup. On this page you will find all data for download, which are needed for a setup.


Our sustainability documents provide insights into our comprehensive efforts to promote sustainable development. KE Elektronik is committed to the implementation of the goals of the REACH regulation. We are striving to meet customer requirements and have therefore established a comprehensive program for the handling of conflict minerals.


Our certificates not only confirm the quality and safety of our products, but also our efforts to achieve a uniform standard along the entire supply chain and to continuously increase product and process quality.

Contact Data for Suppliers

Supplier Evaluation and General Information
E-Mail: [email protected]

Change Notification Supplier (PCN/PTN)
E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact Data for Customers

Contact Form

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